Sunday, December 30, 2012

Mohasthangarh Bogura, Bangladesh

The gateway to the north Bangla, Bogura is the northern district of Rajshahi Division. Within hundreds of attractive tourist places it is noteworthy. As the capital of ancient kingdom Pundravardhana, it is the important place of the country. It was 1280BC when a powerful prince of the Pundra family ruled over Pundravardhana. It was a kingdom of Eastern India. In the Ramayana, Mahabharata and the variety of Puranas the name “Pundravardhana” comes frequently. Now a day Bogura is a business point and has many industries.
In 1931 a marble block bearing six lines in Prakrit in Brahmi script was discovered. Here dates Mahasthangarh to at least 3rd century BC. The prepared area was in use till the 18th century AD. There is a rampart 11-13 meters higher than the surrounding area looked like a jangle clad. You will refresh by visiting here.

The majar of Hazrat Shah Sultan Balkhi Mahiswar constructed at location of a Hindu temple is situated at this unique place. Hazrat Balkhi (Rahmatullah Alaihe) came here with a goal of diffusion Islam among non-Muslims. In this angle he was a Darbesh. He converted the people of the region to Islam and established here.

Another name of this place is Mahasthan Garh. Mahasthan means the place that has exceptional sacredness and Garh means citadel. From a Sanskrit text of 13th century christened Vallalcharita Mahasthan was first brought up. In an anonymous text Karatoya mahatmya it is also stated. An administrative decree revealed the place as Mahastangarh in 1685.
Mahasthangarh is located on the Bogra-Rongpur Highway, 11km north of Bogra. It takes 4.5 hours from Dhaka to Bogra via Bangabandhu Jamuna Bridge across Jamuna River. From here you can go to Mahasthangarh via bus and for local movement Rickshaws are available here. It is possible to return Dhaka by travelling in a hired car if you don’t want to visit Somapura Mahavihara at Paharpur in the district of Naogaon.
Some attractive sites
Parasuramer Prasad: The relics of three occupation periods between 800 - 1800AD are enclosed here.
Khodarpathar Bhita: Here you will able to see some pieces of stone carved with inspiring Buddha along with followers in anjali recuperated.

Bairagir Bhita: It built / rebuilt in 4th to5th century AD, 6th to 7th century, 9th 10th century and 11th century. Base ruins resembling temples, two sculptured sand stone pillars of 4th to 11th century have been recovered.
Khulnar Dhap: It is located 700 meters west of the bastion in the village Chenghispur. It has exposed the remaining of a temple. From the name of Khulana the wife of Chad Shadagar it is named.

Bhimer Jangal: Under the police station Gobindaganj Bhimer Jangle a well known edge begins from the north-east corner of Bogra town and takings northwards for at least 30 miles to a swampy place called Damukdaher bit. Within many other looking sites is a wonderful heritage.
Here I have described only a few items. Without those here you will enjoy Mathura, Rojakpur, Teghar, Arora, Jogir Bhaban, Totaram Panditer Dhap and many other interesting places. So come to visit Mahasthangarh. You will able to earn vast unknown experience.

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