Thursday, December 20, 2012

Cox's Bazar sea beach, Bangladesh

Cox’s Bazar is a district city in Bangladesh. It is also a fishing harbor of the country. The main attraction of this district is the world longest sea beach. Having 125 kilometers steady sandy beach and calm angle, it has stolen the hart of the tourist of the world. The location of the beach is 150 kilometers south of the business docks Chittagong. The current Cox’s Bazar came from the name of Captain Heran Cox who was an officer of East India Company. However this wonderful place is linked with Dhaka and Chittagong by air and road. You can reach here from Dhaka within 60munits by air and 10-12 hours by bus on the other hand from chittagong it will take 4-5 hours to reach this unique place. As the tourist capital you will get here pleasant seafood, surfing impression, multi-colored Buddhist temples and clans, soaring rock faces thus will refresh your mind.

Another attractive spots near Cox’s Bazar:

St. Martin Island: In the north-east side of the Bay of Bangle and about 9 Kilometers south of the lean of the Cox's Bazar-Teknaf cape, this small island to be found. This very island is only coral island in Bangladesh. From the mouth of Nuf River it is about 8 km west of the northwest seaside of Mayanmar. Narikel jinjira(Coconut Island) is the local name of this island. This attractive Island has turn out to be a popular spot in the country. Keary-Sindbad, Sea-Truck and Kutubdia these three shipping liners lope daily voyages to the island. Either from Cox’s Bazar or from chittagong visitors can book their tour. This island is the living place of the corals and a number of endangered types of turtles, some of which are gotten only on this Island.

Ramu: Among a lot of tourist spots Ramu is the fantastic place. It is a village with considerable Buddhist population. The location of this village is about 10 kilometers from Cox’s Bazar. Handicrafts and homemade cigars of this place are so much famous. You will find here khyangs, monasteries and pagodas in which the images of Buddha in bronze, gold and other metals with precious stones are noticeable. On the bank of the Baghkhali River one of the most attractive temples is located. You will find in it a large bronze statue of Buddha. Thirteen feet high this statue is located on a six feet high platform. Like houses craftsmen make handmade cigars in their pagoda and weavers carry out their buy and sell in open workshops.

Moheshkhali: It is a small island of the Cox’s Bazar beach. 268 square kilometers island offers you a panoramic attractive splendor. It is covers by a range of short hills and they are about 300 ft high. You will also able to see here a temple of Shiva, Adinath Temple, and a Buddhist pagoda.

Bandarban: After driving 4 hours by bus you will able to reach Bandarban. It is very exciting place to visit. The largest temple in Bangladesh called the Buddha Dhatu Jadi is placed here. In the style of South-East this wonderful temple is made and the second largest Buddhist statue in located here. Shoilo Propat at Milanchari is a interesting place which is also found in this magnificent position. Without it you con enjoy here a plentiful temples,  Ujanipara Vihar, the Rajvihar (royal vihar) at Jadipara , Kyachlong Lake, Prantik Lake. Moreover your mind will refresh by a boat ride on the river Sangu.
Teknaf: This wonderful place is located by the side of Naf River. This is also an end point of Cox’s Bazar beach. This nice river flows between Bangladesh and Myanmar. travelers come here to have a river journey along this beautiful river.

Without it there are thousands of visiting place based on Cox’s Bazar. Such as Aggmeda Khyang , Inani Beach, Bangabondhu Sheikh Mujib Safari Park, Sonadia Island, Chakharia, Rangamati etc. So without killing time come to this enjoyable place and enjoy unlimited.

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