Monday, December 10, 2012

Sundarban of Bangladesh

Sundarbans, a unique name in the world of forest. There is no other forest in the world as beautiful as Sundarban. It is also the largest mangrove forest of the world. It attracts millions of tourists for its natural beauty. It is one of the most alluring natural reserves in the entire world.

The location of Sundarban is the south-east corner of Bangladesh. The covering area of it is about 10,000 square kilometers, the largest Delta of the world formed by three gigantic rivers namely, the Ganga, Brahmaputra and the Meghna respectively. Of whole area 62 %(6,017 square kilometer) is situated in Bangladesh, remaining in the Indian state of West Bengal.

This wonderful forest formerly known as Sunderbands by the British. But now it is known as Sundarbans. There are two legend related to the nomenclature of the place. Firstly, a kind of tree called Sundari is available here, according to the name of this tree this forest is called Sundarbans. Secondly, the beauty of this forest is amazing all kinds of people, so it is called Sundarbans wherein Sunder means Beautiful and Ban means jungle in Bangla.

This unique forest is the home of world famous Royel Bangle Tiger. Without it a large variety birds, beautiful spotted deers, 50 species of reptiles, eight species of amphibians, 120 different species of fish and with so many living creatures are available here. By looking these your mind will be refreshed. In 1997 UNSCO declared Sundarbans as world heritage site.

There are so many interesting tourist spots those the tourists will like very much. Such as:
Heron Point:
It is an interesting tourist spot in Sundarbans. You can see the dotted deer walking and running here and there in Heron Point. The wild nature will be clear to you by visiting this place.
Kochikhali and Mandarbaria are another two spots where you will find different kinds of birds and deer. Sometimes world famous Royal Bangle Tiger is found here.
Kotka is on of the most important spots and heritage sites in Sundarban. There is a watching tower 40ft. high. From the top of this tower you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of Sundarban. Kotka is a beautiful sea beach. You can find different kinds of birds in Kotka.
Another heritage in Sundarbans is Koromjol. Every person who are true nature lover must like this fantastic place. It is also the starting point of Sundatbans. By visiting here you will able to see the crocodile and deer breeding center. Actually it is a joyful place that can’t be explained in word.

Tin Kona Dip:
This very place is so much interesting for whom who want to tale rest from the town busy life. It is famous for tiger, deer, birds and rare wild animals.
As the abobe description Sundarban is a joyful tourist spot. Please come here and see the motherly beauty of it in your own eyes otherwise you will miss a wonderful fillings.
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