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National Zoo of Bangladesh

Mirpur Zoo Dhaka is situated at Mirpur, the capital city of Bangladesh. It is 16 km a long way from the fundamental city. This is the biggest zoo in Bangladesh.

Mirpur Zoo Dhaka Bangladesh

Mirpur National Zoo Dhaka Bangladesh

The Mirpur Zoo Dhaka is home to more than 2,000 creatures from 165 species. It is under Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock, It has gazed its excursion at the High Court premises in Dhaka in 1964, and moved to its present area in 1974 and has been produced and enhanced throughout the years.

Around 4 million guests visit Dhaka zoo consistently. The spot is the most loved to the children. It has a quiet climate. It has gained land 75.53 hectors of area. There are two lakes in the zoo, they are South lake 7.29 hector and North lake 5.67 hector.

The Museum is an imperative expansion to the Dhaka Zoo. It is a two-storied building situated at the southwest corner of the zoo housed fish aquarium, library and address theater. Different uncommon creatures and winged creatures are saved by stuffing and in jug. It contributes in diversion, learning and explore.

The fundamental fascination of the zoo is Royal Bengal Tigers of Sundorban. It has a rich gathering of creatures, flying creatures and untamed life of both nearby and outside starting point. It has 2150 sorts of vertebrata having a place with 191 animal types. There are various types of creatures like elephant, cheetah, rhinoceros, zebra, waterbuck, otter, hyena, deer, giraffes, impala, wild bear, tapir, hippo, lion and a wide range of types of monkeys, and also chimpanzees and mandrills can find in the zoo.

For lost youngsters and properties, need to contact data focal point of zoo.

There are 5 more zoos in the towns of Rangpur, Chittagong , Rajshahi, Comilla, and Khulna.

Visiting Hours and Timing of Mirpur Zoo Dhaka

Each Sunday is shut aside from govt occasion.

Summer season (April to October) 9.00AM-6.00 PM,

Winter season (November to March) 8.00AM-5.00 PM

Passageway dung:

Principle entryway extra charge above two years Tk.10.00 BDT, Zoo historical center extra charge Tk.02.00 BDT

Youngsters ages of 0 to two years are free and understudies from school, collection and University are free (with condition)

Area and Contact

Mirpur Zoo Dhaka

Mirpur Dhaka Bangladesh

Telephone Number - 088-02-9002020, Curator Office (Direct) +088-02-80035035, Deputy Curator (Admin) +088-02-9002738,

Fax +088-02-80035035, Zoo Hospital-+088-02-90032052

Official Website – http://www.dhakazoo.or

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